'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' First Trailer Released

Remember Love is Blind? Netflix is hoping you still do because the streaming platform brought back [...]

Remember Love is Blind? Netflix is hoping you still do because the streaming platform brought back the entire cast of Season 1 for a reunion special to hold viewers over before Season 2 eventually comes out. Love Is Blind: After the Altar will hit Netflix on July 28. Love Is Blind Season 1 hit Netflix in February 2020 and became a big hit during the early coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Netflix even renewed the show for two more seasons in March 2020.

The teaser trailer for the special features the cast getting back together for a party, but there is still clearly some tension in the room. "Two years ago, we fell in love and chose someone to marry without ever seeing them," Lauren Speed, who married co-star Cameron Hamilton, said in the clip. "It's very special to see everyone again." Hamilton and Speed are still married, as are Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett. Gianna Gibelli and Damian Powers are also still together, although they have not married.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton are still not on good terms. "Some of us are still in love, but some of us are still searching," Jack said in the teaser. "I'm still emotional about it so much time after," Morton quipped. The former couple's relationship was destroyed after Morton revealed he was bisexual and Morton made derogatory comments about Jack, who left the show during the trip to Mexico.

Jessica Batten, who later found love off-camera, noted how she "crashed and burned in front of the world" during the show. On Love Is Blind, Batten was in a relationship with Mark Cuevas but split on their wedding day. Cuevas, who is 10 years younger than Batten, is now in a relationship with girlfriend Aubrey Rainey, who gave birth to their first child in April.

The trailer for the reunion shows Barnett not wanting to answer questions about seeing Batten for the first time in a year. As fans saw in the show, Barnett thought about meeting Batten after the bind dating segment of the show, but he ultimately chose Pike. The trailer also shows Kelly Chase pointing out that Kenney Barnes was "fooling me the entire time" they were together.

Love Is Blind Season 1 was hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Each couple first met in "pods," with a wall dividing them so they could only get to know each other through talking. They couldn't meet face-to-face until they decided to get married. Then, the couples were sent to a Mexican resort to get to know each other and the other contestants they didn't choose. After the trip, they met their families in Atlanta before their wedding days. In March 2020, Netflix released the first reunion special on the streaming platform and YouTube. Netflix still has not announced a release date for Season 2.