Why Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey Are Perfect Hosts for 'Love Is Blind' (Exclusive)

Love Is Blind took its audience by surprise when the reality dating show premiered on Netflix, [...]

Love Is Blind took its audience by surprise when the reality dating show premiered on Netflix, Feb. 13, 2020. Hosts Vanessa Lachey and husband Nick Lachey may have only been seen a few times throughout the season, but they played a much larger role in the series than what met the eye. However, as they gear up for another two seasons, they're perfect for the position not only because they are great hosts but also because their own personal love story ties into the style of Love Is Blind.

During an exclusive sit-down with PopCulture.com for our @Home series, Lachey detailed the beginning of the couple's love story, making them a perfect fit for that kind of show. "It was kind of how we courted. That's why we were excited about it," Lachey said when asked how she feels she and Nick would have done had they been introduced on Love Is Blind. She explained that they obviously knew each other through the industry, but they were forced to create a relationship through a phone for the first year of their dating due to busy schedules. But naturally, FaceTime wasn't a luxury they had back then.

"We talked for probably our first full year of dating, just on the phone," she continued. "It was before FaceTime. Like, this was a full-on lay in bed, talk on the phone, texting." Lachey said they would travel to see each other, and any time one had the opportunity through work to go visit New York or Los Angeles, they would jump at the opportunity. However, even though they didn't see each other much through their first year, she says it was the "best thing that we could have done for our relationship was developed that emotional foundation by putting it all on the table on the phone, like this is who I am, these are my dreams."

Love Is Blind became widely popular because of the style in which people date. Unlike The Bachelor franchise, each contestant could not see what their special person looked like before being proposed. Instead, each contestant was placed in a pod where they had an opportunity to start chatting with the other person who was in their own pod, but no one could see who they were talking to. Those on the show couldn't see the other person until the day of their engagement. It sounds absolutely wild, but there has been a huge success in those pairings just on the first season alone.

It obviously worked for Lachey and her former boyband member husband because the two got married in 2011 and now share three beautiful children: Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Camden. Lachey mentioned that her work schedule is becoming busier industry-wise now that 2020 has passed, but something that's keeping her busy is her partnership with Total Wireless. "I'm excited for this partnership with total wireless because we are recognizing those who do amazing things."

Lachey hosted a virtual award show to honor five lucky winners who have been chosen for doing amazing things in their communities, in the world and the lives of others. Fans can visit Total Wireless's Instagram page here to vote for who their favorite is. For more on your favorite celebrities, keep it right here at PopCulture.com.