'Love Is Blind' Couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Admit They 'Never Expected' to Find Love on Netflix Series (Exclusive)

It's the show that took us all by surprise. Is Love Is Blind the new Bachelor? No one's really [...]

It's the show that took us all by surprise. Is Love Is Blind the new Bachelor? No one's really sure yet, but the new reality show was all the rage during Season 1 and is still making headlines even months after its debut. Despite the crazy idea of actually finding love on a reality show, let alone one where couples get engaged without having seen each other first, there are some who did, including Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, couple Lauren and Cameron opened up about their initial thoughts going on the show, and also gave some advice for future contestants on what to expect. "I absolutely did not expect a lot, but I mean, going on the show, I was definitely open to it, but it was not even a thought that I would really find someone and get married," Lauren explained when asked if she expected to find love on the show. "I still can't believe it. I look at Cameron and just stare at him from across the room sometimes like I really have a husband. I'm really married. Two years later, I'm still like I can't believe that really happened."

Cameron then chimed in and said, "It's crazy to me too," he started. "I was in the same boat. When casting first told me about the concept, I was like, 'Who would be crazy enough to get married to some stranger they've never seen before and only talked to through a wall?' Which turned out to be me." The Maine native went on to further explain that the two have "grown so much together and had this incredible journey together so far and we have so much more to go."

Love Is Blind was renewed for two more seasons, and because that guarantees plenty more couples will go through the same process that Lauren and Cameron did, the sweet pair have a little advice for upcoming participants. "I think you really have to go into it with your mindset already prepared that you want to have an idea of what you are looking for in a partner and a willingness to be vulnerable, to be honest about your emotions, what you need, even what your weaknesses are. That can really help get you much further in meeting someone," Cameron detailed.

The two did say they plan on watching the next two seasons — and who knows, maybe fans will see the sweet pair in upcoming episodes — but for now, they're kicking back and watching some football. In fact, Lauren and Cameron partnered with Johnsonville, the official sausage of the SEC, in their homegating campaign to not only encourage people to be safe this season with COVID-19 still in play, but also to keep spirits high, despite how rough of a year this has been for everyone.

"We love football and we love Johnsonville sausage, so it's an obvious choice," Cameron said on why he and his wife decided to team up with the company this year. He said that they love to tailgate but this year, they've had to switch things up to keep safe — which is why they support the campaign so much. "We would love to be out there with our family and friends at the tailgating events, but we felt like, 'Hey, this is a great opportunity to do homegating where you're basically just tailgating at home and it's really the same thing," he added.

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