'Fixer Upper' Star Chip Gaines Shows off Golf Skills in Hilarious Video

Home renovation extraordinaire Chip Gaines has several impressive skills, including breaking through walls with ease like the Incredible Hulk. However, he recently made it clear that he is not a golfer, nor will he be taking his talents to the PGA Tour in order to compete with Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka. Gaines recently said that "golf suuuccks" while showing off his abilities in a hilarious video.

The Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star posted a video that showed him with a golf club in hand and trying to launch a ball. The attempts did not pan out as Gaines missed the ball multiple times while surrounding people laughed. "I'm actually trying to hit this thing. This is not a joke," Gaines said after one of his attempts.

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The person filming the video found great entertainment in Gaines' golf skills and revealed to the audience that "this was shot No. 4." Once he missed the ball again, the camera holder walked over to a massive divot in the grass. Sitting at the bottom was the golf ball that Gaines had been trying to hit.

"Just try chipping," one jokester commented on Instagram after watching the video. Several other serious golf aficionados chimed in and began critiquing Gaines' form and swing. They said that he needed to "keep his head down" and stop lifting his shoulders.

Along with his golf outing, Gaines has continued to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into his life cranking out content for the Magnolia Network. One photo, for example, showed him holding a glass bowl and wearing a rag as a bib. He revealed in the caption that he was trying to drink raw eggs while working as Joanna Gaines' baking assistant.


Gaines appeared to be less-than-excited about drinking eggs, but one high-profile athlete applauded the move. Houston Texans star JJ Watt chimed in and showed his support. "If it's good enough for Rocky and it's good enough for Chip," he said, prompting an "amen" from Gaines.

Fixer Upper ended in 2018, but Gaines is hard at work with the show's offshoot, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. The show will premiere on the couple's Magnolia Network on Jan. 29, providing even more examples of home renovation. The network, named after the couple's business in Waco, will replace the DIY Network. Additionally, Magnolia Network content will also be available to subscribers of the discovery+ streaming platform.