Paulina Gretzky Sets the Record Straight on Her Relationship With Dustin Johnson

Model and actress, Paulina Gretzky has been engaged to golf pro, Dustin Johnson for almost eight years now, and fans have been wondering ever since when the two will finally walk down the aisle. The daughter of hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, recently spoke about her relationship with Johnson on The Netchicks podcast with sister-in-law Sara Gretzky and Natalie Buck to clear up a few things that have been misinterpreted in recent years.

Confirming that she and Johnson are not married, Gretzky said it all boils down to love. "I don't know if people know if me and Dustin are really married or not. We're not. We're so in love," she said, explaining why the two have yet to get married since they have been engaged since 2013. "I feel like everyone is like, 'What is it? Is he not wanting to or she not wanting to?' It's so stupid. Being just with kids and being happy, I don’t want anything from Dustin other than I love him."

That led to her discussion about having more kids since the couple has two young boys already. "I want one more. I want to enjoy being 32, 33, and then hopefully, if I'm lucky enough, then I get to have one more at 34," she said, adding how she would like to have a girl, but her two sons "are everything." In the meantime, Gretzky and Johnson are continuing to enjoy their life as they have been traveling and celebrating over the last few months.

It started in November when Johnson won the Masters. Shortly after the event, Gretzky posted a photo of her wearing nothing but a straw while vacationing in St. Barths. In December, the couple traveled to the Bahamas with friends to celebrate Gretzky's 32nd birthday. She took some heat from social media as she and her friends weren't wearing masks, which led to her deleting a video post of the celebration.

This past weekend, Gretzky and Johnson were hanging out with friends in Colorado, and Gretzky posted a photo of her in a black snow jumpsuit. Shortly after that, the Grown Ups 2 actress announces she would appear on The Netchicks podcast, which is her first time appearing on any podcast. On The Netchicks, Gretzky talked about her favorite reality shows, her experience on Grown Ups 2 and her future goals.