Yankees' Aaron Hicks Golfs With Tiger Woods' Niece, Makes Hole-in-One

New York Yankees star Aaron Hicks is known for his big hits inside the baseball stadium, but he also has considerable skills on the golf course. He headed to the links with Tiger Woods' niece, professional golfer Cheyenne Woods, and made an incredible shot. He hit a hole-in-one on a Par 4 hole at Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Cheyenne did not have footage of Hicks hitting the ball, but she posted a video on Instagram Stories that showed him jogging to the hole. She wrote in the caption that the distance from the tee to the hole was 303 yards and that the baseball star had gone the distance with his 3 wood. Hicks clapped his hands and jogged to the hole before leaning in to pick up the ball. Cheyenne cheered him on while yelling: "all day!"

Once Hicks had verified that he had hit the hole-in-one, he stood up and did a fist pump in celebration before posing for a photo. Several fans saw the celebration and expressed excitement about the MLB player and his ability to go the distance in multiple settings. "World series locked up. Don't even play the season at this point," one fan commented.

The hole-in-one is not the first time that Hicks has shown off his power in recent weeks. He also headed to Top Golf and cleared the net. The Yankees player lined up and smashed the golf ball, sending it far into the air and over the safety net. His brother, who captured the video, celebrated and yelled that "it's gone" while revealing that the ball went 330 yards.

Hicks previously told The New York Post that he wanted to be like Woods when he was growing up. He learned the sport of golf on the same course where the five-time Masters champion honed his skills. Hicks also accumulated several hole-in-ones by the time he was 15 years old. Now he is showing off these skills years later.


"I wanted to be Tiger," Hicks said during a 2016 interview. "I wanted to mold my game like his. I used to do all the taping on my fingers like he did on his fingers. Tiger was the inspiration and big influence on my golf game. I wanted to get better and get bigger because he was getting bigger, so that made me start working out."