'Dickinson' Stars Adrian Blake Enscoe, Ella Hunt Reveal Why They're 'So Proud' of Season 3 (Exclusive)

Dickinson Season 3 made its anticipated debut last Friday on Apple TV+, and series stars Adrian Blake Enscoe and Ella Hunt want fans to know that they are "so proud" of the new season. In the beloved comedy series, Enscoe portrays Austin Dickinson, the older brother of Hailee Steinfeld's Emily Dickinson. Hunt plays Sue Gilbert, who is in love with Emily, but eventually marries Austin. What ensues is a dramatic, and sometimes comical, literary love triangle for the ages.

While speaking to PopCulture.com, Enscoe opened up about the series' third, and final, season, saying that he feels "so proud and grateful to this series" due in part to its uniqueness. "When we came on the series, it was nothing I had ever seen before," he said. "I really feel like the ecosystem is changing. I feel [Dickinson creator] Alena Smith was doing something with Apple TV. That was really pushing the envelope and I'm just so proud of our amazing castmates and having gotten to watch everybody grow and learn with the characters. It feels right to leave them where we leave them. If you watch this third season to the end, you'll see. We leave the Dickinsons in a much better place than when we start."

Elaborating on the "love triangle" between their characters, Hunt offered how "building the Emmy Sue relationship" with Steinfeld is "one of the most fulfilling relationships" she's ever portrayed in her career on screen. "I couldn't be more in awe of Hailee as an actress, as a creative, as an exec producer. And I think that our work this season is some of the most tender and delicate we see of Emily and Sue that is such growth for them."

Hunt also shared that she feels Season 3 features "such growth for Austin and Sue" as well. "We get to explore this non-traditional relationship dynamic as it evolves. I think, I have a lot of examples of similar couples in my life and it feels timely and noteworthy. That these two people in their time, their relationship dynamic really was very unconventional," she said. "And just that Sue and Emily and this family managed to find each other. These like strikingly, unconventional ahead of their time, people managed to find each other, I find it awe-inspiring."


Dickinson Season 3 debuted Friday, Nov. 5 exclusively on Apple TV+, and will be followed by one new episode weekly every Friday until the series finale on Dec. 24, 2021. Get your free trial offer from Apple TV+ here!