'Dickinson' Season 3 Star Jane Krakowski Reveals Who Mrs. Dickinson's Favorite Child Is (Exclusive)

Dickinson Season 3 has finally arrived on Apple TV+, and actress Jane Krakowski, who plays family matriarch Mrs. Dickinson recently revealed who she thinks would be her character's favorite child. The three Dickinson children are Austin (Adrian Enscoe), Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), and Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov). While speaking with PopCulture.com, Krakowski laughed at the idea of having to choose a "favorite" Dickinson child, but then offered some insight into how her character thinks and took an estimated guess.

"I think in the writing, I think she always gives Austin a break. I think she's always let Austin a little bit off the hook," Krakowski said, implying that the eldest Dickinson child, and only son, tends to have more favoritism from his loving mother. The actress then went on to share how she sees the relationship "I mean, obviously, in Season 1, she was most confused and confounded by Emily. But I think as the show progresses, I think she grows to a relationship where — and I may have played this more than it was in real life — but where she admires Emily and kind of wished maybe she had the opportunity in her life to have that freedom and independence."

She continued: "I think that was definitely a subtext that I used for season three, that she actually loves that Emily got that opportunity. And I think in one scene, she verbalizes that she no longer wants Emily to be who she wanted her to be. She wants Emily to be her own person. But I think it's something that a woman deals with at that time where she sees the world change. And I think Mrs. Dickinson was fighting that completely and up against the wall with that, but then realized, 'Oh wait, maybe it would be good for women to have these advances and to be able to have more say.' And I think that was certainly a subtext that I was using for Mrs. Dickinson as the seasons progressed."

Krakowski then went on to praise Baryshnikov, who portrays the youngest Dickinson child," for playing her Lavinia as "charming and adorable." She added, "I think she's a great young comedian. I loved doing my scenes with her. And I think Mrs. Dickinson has a special place in her heart for that character, for Lavinia, as I think we all do really. What's not to love about Lavinia?"

Going on to share how she feels about the Season 3 of Dickinson, Krakowski said, "I think I'm feeling grateful that we were able to make season three under the COVID restraints that we were going through in life. I think it's a beautiful show that was made. The show that Alena Smith had in her wonderfully artistic brain, we made that show. And now I really just hope, because it's on a streaming platform, more and more people find it over time." 


Dickinson Season 3 debuted Friday, Nov. 5 exclusively on Apple TV+, and will be followed by one new episode weekly every Friday until the series finale on Dec. 24, 2021. Get your free trial offer from Apple TV+ here!