'Cobra Kai' Season 4 Will Feature Even More of Peyton List and Vanessa Rubio

Cobra Kai's third season landed on Netflix on New Year's Day and excited viewers. Now they are [...]

Cobra Kai's third season landed on Netflix on New Year's Day and excited viewers. Now they are anticipating even more fantastic moments during the upcoming fourth season, which will prominently feature Vanessa Rubio and Peyton List. Both actresses have been promoted to series regulars.

Rubio has portrayed Carmen Diaz, Miguel's (Xolo Maridueña) since Season 1. She is a mother who works hard and has a protective love for her son. She has appeared in 16 episodes so far. List has portrayed Tory Nichols, a troubled teenager who joined the Cobra Kai dojo. She is a "tough-as-nails" person who won't hesitate to take anyone on in a fight, and who is not shy about saying exactly what's on her mind. List first appeared on Season 2 and has appeared in 15 episodes.

In addition to promoting List and Rubio to series regulars, Cobra Kai added more cast members in Dallas Dupree Young and Oona O'Brien. According to Variety, Young will star as Kenny, a bullied new kid in school. He turns to karate to defend himself. Though it is unclear which dojo he joins. O'Brien will star as Devon, a potential new karate student. She is "relentlessly competitive, a quick study, and equally quick-tempered when she's provoked."

Cobra Kai fans do not know when the fourth season will arrive on Netflix, but the showrunners previously said that the goal is in 2021. Additionally, reports surfaced in late January that the show had started shooting. Production was set to run from Jan. 20 to Apr. 15 in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting calls revealed that the show was looking for people to play "skateboarding teens, sushi chefs, wait staff, and customers."

"We are looking to make Season 4 in 2021," Cobra Kai co-creator and executive producer Josh Heald told PopCulture.com in December. "COVID has thrown a wrench into everyone's plans for exactly when production begins. But our expectation is in early 2021, we will be in production. We are just keeping our heads down and making sure that the story makes sense and the scripts are solid and getting our ducks in a row so the moment that everything looks good, we can begin."

Heald said during his interview that the goal was to make the season in 2021, but fans still waited for every update that would confirm the news. The casting call sparked some excitement, as did a major revelation. The show's Instagram account posted a photo of the script and showed that the first episode has the title of "Let's Begin."