'Cobra Kai': Season 4 of Netflix Series Has Started Shooting, According to Report

The fourth season of Cobra Kai could be coming very soon. According to the trade publication ProductionWeekly via Newsweek, Cobra Kai started filming Season 4 on Wednesday. Shooting for the Netflix series is set to run from Jan. 20 to Apr. 15. This has not been confirmed by Netflix, and the main cast members haven't posted anything about filming on social media.

Last week, Cobra Kai released a casting call for actors in Atlanta. The show is looking for "skateboarding teens" who need to take a COVID-19 test on Jan. 22 to take part in the filming. A previous casting call indicated Cobra Kai was looking for actors for the end of this month. Cobra Kai is also looking for people to play wait-staff, sushi chefs and customers. They will need to take a COVID-19 test on Jan. 20, and the call notes that you will need to quarantine yourself between 1/18 - 1/22."

Season 3 of Cobra Kai was released on New Year's Day and has been a huge success. The third season was filmed in the summer of 2019 which was when the show was only streaming on YouTube. Netflix acquired the rights of Cobra Kai last summer, which gave the show a larger fan base. The creators of Cobra Kai said they hope to have Season 4 released by 2021.

"We are looking to make Season 4 in 2021," Cobra Kai co-creator and executive producer Josh Heald told PopCulture.com in December. "COVID has thrown a wrench into everyone's plans for exactly when production begins. But our expectation is in early 2021, we will be in production. We are just keeping our heads down and making sure that the story makes sense and the scripts are solid and getting our ducks in a row so the moment that everything looks good, we can begin."


Fans are excited about a fourth season based on how Season 3 ended. The finale for the third season showed Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence teaming up and merging their dojos together to take on the Cobra Kai dojo led by John Kreese. The final episode of Season 3 also showed Daniel and Johnny reuniting with Ali Mills who played a big part in The Karate Kid story.