Comedy TV Show Testing Two New Spinoffs

The 'Attack of the Show!' franchise is expanding.

G4 TV is continuing to expand its content lanes, and it is leveraging the goodwill and creativity of its established properties to do so. Fresh off the premiere of God of Work, a sitcom put together by the Xplay team, G4's Attack of the Show! is seemingly getting two more spinoffs. This week saw the surprise premieres of Full Screen Attack and The Feedback, two more projects from the crew who works on the weekly AOTS! variety show.

Full Screen Attack is being advertised as a video podcast, with YouTube/Twitch streams airing a few weeks before an audio-only release. (But if we're talking semantics, what's the difference between a video podcast and a talk show in this day and age?) It is all about movies, with Vanessa Guerrero taking the helm alongside co-hosts Kassem G and Gina Darling. Guerrero is a creative producer at G4, a regular face on AOTS!'s talk show spinoff Vibe Check, and is also the co-host of Kicking and Screaming Podcast, a podcast that pairs martial arts movies with horror films. Kassem G is an internet comedy legend, best known for his YouTube videos and co-founding Maker Studios. He currently serves as an AOTS! co-host and the host of Fresh Ink, yet another AOTS! spinoff. Much like Kassem, Darling is an AOTS! co-host and appears regularly on multiple G4 programs.

The first episode of Full Screen Attack streamed on Wednesday, with the trio chatting about coming-of-age movies and kicking off their book club-style segment with a discussion of the 2016 horror movie Raw. In next week's episode, they'll be discussing fantasy films followed by a deeper discussion on The Princess, the recently released Hulu movie starring Joey King.

The fun didn't stop there for AOTS! fans. G4 also tested out another spinoff, The Feedback. The show, which is tentatively titled, is inspired by "The Feed," a longtime segment on AOTS! that runs down the latest entertainment industry and technology headlines. Personalities including Layla Kayleigh, Sara Underwood and Blair Herter hosted the AOTS! segment during G4's initial run on cable. Its current iteration on the revamped G4 is helmed by Fiona Nova. Nova also led The Feedback, with the help of AOTS! writer/actor Case Blackwell and producer Lena Olson. On Friday's episode, the team researched and discussed various trending topics, including Netflix's Dated & Related and the recent Shia LaBeouf/Don't Worry Darling controversy.

If they continue, these two shows join Vibe Check, Fresh Ink and the on-hiatus The Loop as the Attack of the Show! spinoffs born out of the revamped G4. It seems the G4 team has realized the potential of turning classic AOTS! broadcast segments into long-form programs that mesh with the "Just Chatting" content category on Twitch and the fleet of video podcasts on YouTube. A similar strategy has been implemented with G4's Xplay. The G4 team first tried out a hybrid show that featured reviews, panel discussion, sketches and live gameplay. Now, G4 keeps the formal reviews on linear cable and standalone YouTube videos, put the panel discussions on a livestreamed show called Xplay Plus, and put the casual gameplay on a livestream show called Xplay Kickback. They've also channeled the strength of their sketch comedy into the God of Work sitcom.

G4's current slate also includes the game show Name Your Price, the call-in advice program Hey, Donna!, and Invitation to Party, a Dungeons & Dragons liveplay show. There is also a House of the Dragon-centric stream set to launch this coming week, though it's unclear if it will share any show branding or if it will be a standalone G4 production. Streams typically premiere on G4's Twitch and YouTube channels, with VODs made available on individually branded show channels. Edited versions of G4 programs are placed on its linear TV channel and its live stream offshoots such as G4 Select on Pluto TV.