Watch: Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe Learn Aaron Rodgers' Season Is Done Live on 'First Take'

Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe had the same reaction on ESPN's 'First Take.'

When Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe learned the news of Aaron Rodgers missing the entire season due to a torn Achilles tendon, they were uncertain about the future of the four-time NFL MVP. On the ESPN show First Take, Smith and Sharpe shared their thoughts on Rodgers who was traded to the New York Jets in April after spending the last 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. Sharpe said that he's not sure if Rodgers wants to go through rehab since an Achilles tear is tough to recover from, which could lead to him ending his career. 

As for Smith, he said the injury is "devastating," and with him being a New York native, Smith said it's always something for New York fans as they can never catch a break. Pat McAfee was also on First Take and mentioned that rehab is not fun as there are "lonely days" and "painful days." McAfee also said the injury could be a "sign from the universe" and Rodgers could announce his retirement. 

One of the reasons Rodgers joined the Jets is to help the team reach its first Super Bowl since the 1967 season. In July, Rodgers, who will turn 40 in December, appeared on 98.7 ESPN Radio in New York and was asked about his plans after the 2023 season. "I'm not a big cliche guy," Rodgers said. "Most people would say 'I'm taking this one day at a time or one year at a time,' but the Jets gave up a lot for me, so to play just one year would be, I think, a disservice, but if that one year turns out to be a magical year, who knows?"  

Rodgers also talked about his health being a factor. "It's how my body feels," Rodgers said when asked about whether he'll keep playing. "I've made some changes this offseason with some training and some diet. ... My body feels really, really good. I think I'm in a good spot. As you get older, sometimes you wake up in the morning and you're thinking, 'Why does this hurt? Why does my knee hurt? Why does my shoulder hurt?'" Rodgers has been in the NFL since 2005 but became the starting quarterback for the Packers in 2008. He has won a Super Bowl, won a Super Bowl MVP and was named NFL MVP four times during his 18 seasons with the Packers.