Tomi Lahren Shoots Down Jay Cutler Dating Rumors

Rumors recently surfaced about a possible romance blossoming between former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren. People spotted the pair together in Nashville and jumped to conclusions about their relationship. Now Lahren has shut down any rumors with a short tweet.

"I love it when the internet tells me who I'm dating. Good one," Lahren tweeted after hearing about her "date." She appeared to make it very clear that a romance is not blooming between her and the former NFL quarterback. This tweet prompted hundreds of responses from people on social media, many of which were vitriolic in nature. Others just said that "people should mind their own business."

The rumors started when E! News provided details of "the date" after speaking with a source. According to the report, Cutler and Lahren spent an evening together at Winners Bar in Nashville. The source said that they were passing a bottle of tequila back and forth and were taking shots directly from it. The source also said that two other people were present with them.

While the report prompted comments and speculation, another source tried to shut down the conversation. The unnamed individual said that Cutler and Lahren are "just friends" and denied the report of a romantic relationship. Dan Katz, also known as Big Cat for Barstool Sports, also said that Cutler is not in a relationship.

The former NFL quarterback also spoke out about his relationship status with a video in his Instagram Stories. He showed himself brushing the hair of one of his mini cows, a female named Ruby. "Only lady in my life. Be better internet," Cutler wrote in the caption of his video.

Rumors have swirled since Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announced their split back in April. The former couple said in a joint statement that they have "love and respect for each other" and that they grew apart after 10 years together. They asked for privacy following the surprising announcement.

Since the split, Cutler has drawn attention with life updates on his Instagram account. He took followers along for an investigation into the murder of his beloved chickens. He also revealed a newfound obsession with Paramount Network's Yellowstone. This drama series played a role in Cutler purchasing the mini cows and moving them out to the north pasture.


What Cutler hasn't shown, however, is a new woman in his life. He is spending his time on his farm with his animals while also preparing for hunting season. Lahren, on the other hand, is continuing to provide political commentary amid rumors of a new relationship.