Jay Cutler Catches 'Yellowstone' Fever, Purchases Mini Cows for 'North Pasture'

Jay Cutler is back on Instagram after a brief departure, and he just unveiled a new addition to his property. He purchased two mini cows from Hastings Miniature Cattle, and he moved them out to the north pasture. The reason, as he explained on Instagram, is that he's been watching a lot of Yellowstone.

Cutler introduced the two cows with a short video. "I spent the last two weeks watching Yellowstone," Cutler said. "At the end of it, the only logical thing I felt I could do was..." He then opened the trailer and showed off the two mini cows, Ruby and Hank. "You're home. You made it," Cutler said before commenting on the expressions on the bovines' faces. "They're angry."

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"@yellowstone. Heading to the north pasture today. #wranglersneeded," Cutler wrote in the caption of his post. He then continued to provide updates about his new mini cows while making several references to the popular Paramount Network show. One, in particular, showed him on a "cattle drive" with Hank and Ruby. The mini cows were not paying attention to the former Chicago Bears quarterback, which led to him asking "where is Rip" in reference to Cole Hauser's character.

"Jay buying random animals just because he watched a show and wanted to is me. Someone give this man a show," one fan commented on Instagram. Several others agreed and expressed the opinion that Cutler needs to return to reality television. He drew positive attention during the first two seasons of Very Cavallari, and many viewers proclaimed that he was the best part of the series.


Even when he is not brushing his cows or showing them in the "pasture," Cutler is still talking about Yellowstone. His comments are understandable considering that the Paramount show is a critical darling. However, it appears that Cutler is preparing for a visit from Hauser. He showed off his hat collection ahead of the Season 3 finale and said the actor behind Rip will be off for a while. "Can't wait to see you in action here," he wrote.

Whether or not Rip helps Cutler drive the cattle to the north pasture, fans on Instagram are expressing their excitement about Hank and Ruby. They missed Cutler when he temporarily left Instagram and showcased their joy upon his return. Now the fans get to watch Cutler caring for his mini cows on social media.