Jay Cutler Solves Mystery of Dead Chickens, Reveals Culprit

Former NFL quarterback-turned-reality TV star Jay Cutler has kept fans in suspense in recent days as he tried to solve the mystery of his murdered chickens. He has now "taken care of" the fowl serial killer while answering the biggest question of 2020: Cutler revealed that the culprit in a string of deaths was a raccoon.

Cutler provided the information on Wednesday morning with a photo showing his safe and healthy chickens. Fans had made their guesses about the villain in recent weeks with many expressing the opinion that a fox or hawk had killed the chickens. One fan even sent Cutler multiple messages providing reasons for why the killer is actually Bigfoot. Ultimately, Cutler expressed relief to discover that he did not have to contend with the elusive creature from the Pacific Northwest.

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"Ok. Long night. Had a pretty good storm come through. All is well and happy to report it was a raccoon. Which fits the evidence. Chicken heads were ripped off and bodies were left in the chicken yard. Gruesome stuff but [that's the] reality of the situation. Ladies are now safe and sound. We can all sleep well for a few nights. Unfortunately I'm sure this raccoon has some family members," Cutler wrote on Instagram. This statement brought the end of an extended mystery and sparked excited responses from social media users.

"IT WAS A RACOON THAT KILLED JAY CUTLER'S CHICKENS!" ESPN's Dianna Russini tweeted on Wednesday. Several fans joined her in expressing excitement about Cutler saving his animals. Others, however, called Russini out for "spoiling" their favorite drama of 2020.


Cutler has kept his fans in suspense for the past week while he tried to solve the mystery of this murder most fowl. He initially suspected his cat, Thelma, of hunting and killing his chickens but quickly ruled out the feline. He then mounted five game cameras in his yard to try and capture photos of the culprit. Additionally, Cutler camped out on his porch while wearing night-vision goggles.

The cameras didn't initially work, so Cutler put his trapping skills to the test. He set up a basic trap at first, which performed miserably. He then increased the complexity of the trap, hiding it behind bushes and weighing it down with a railroad tie. The raccoon continued to avoid the trap and the cameras, which led to one final showdown on Tuesday night. Cutler took care of business and ended the raccoon's reign of terror against his beloved chickens.