Reggie Bush Details Draft Experience During Kevin Hart's Interview Series, 'Cold As Balls'

Season 4 of Kevin Hart's YouTube interview series Cold As Balls continued on Wednesday with another high-profile athlete. A former NFL running back showed up at the bubble and joined Hart in the cold tubs. Reggie Bush discussed winning — and losing — the Heisman Trophy, his draft experience and numerous other topics.

Heading into the 2006 NFL Draft, there were two main players in contention for the first overall pick. Defensive end Mario Williams was the best defender on the board, and he ultimately went to the Houston Texans. Bush, on the other hand, landed with the New Orleans Saints. Although the former running back has now revealed that his agent expressed opposition to this.

"The Jets had the third pick, my agents were thinking we want to go to New York, we want to go to the New York Jets," Bush explained. "They told Sean 'Don't draft [Reggie]' and Sean Peyton dead serious picked up the phone and was like 'F you, I'm choosing Reggie Bush. He's coming to the Saints.'"

While he is one of the most famous players in USC Trojans history, Bush actually didn't start out playing football. He actually dipped his toes into the baseball first. However, the former Saints star said that he thought the sport was too boring, so he pursued football as his career.

As a USC alum, Bush did face a quick question about "Aunt Becky" and the admissions scandal. This question referenced actress Lori Loughlin, who allegedly paid $500,000 to get her and Mossimo Giannulli's daughters, Bella Giannulli and Olivia Jade Giannulli, into the University of Southern California as fraudulent crew team recruits. Bush didn't dive deep into this subject as he simply responded by laughing and asking, "who is Aunt Becky?"


Just like the debut episode featuring Tony Hawk, the latest episode of Cold As Balls put Hart's "athletic abilities" on full display. He attempted to run a football play, which primarily featured Bam Bam hiking him the ball after several audibles and a fakeout. Bush lined up in the backfield as if he was taking the handoff and running for a score, but Hart ran a quarterback keeper.

New episodes of Cold As Balls will air every Wednesday after the Thursday premiere on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud's IGTV, and Hart's Facebook page. The upcoming guests include Ryan Garcia, Lindsey Vonn, DeMarcus Cousins, Jemele Hill, Chris Bosh, and Ric Flair.