Tony Hawk Talks Being Mistaken for Tom Brady on Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls'

Tony Hawk is considered by many as the GOAT of skateboarding. But does he look like the GOAT of the NFL? On the season premiere of Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network, Hawk talked about being mistaken for Tom Brady. It was brought up when Hart asked about being recognized in public.

“With those encounters, a couple times things happened where I walked away and thought if someone saw that they wouldn’t believe that that’s what just happened," Hawk said. "A lot of times they just want to blurt out a sports figure. ...One guy said 'Are you Tom Brady?' I'm like 'come on.'" Hart then jokingly said he also gets mistaken for Brady, which had Hawk laughing. While some people don't know who that he was Hawk is one of the recognizable figures in all of sports. Hawk told Hart he was establishing his career before he finished high school.

"All my classmates were trying to figure out where to college, and I was like wait - I already have a career and was making decent money...I was making six figures," Hawks said. Hawk's net worth has only grown as he has gotten older. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Hawk's net worth is $140 million. Along with being a successful skateboarder, Hawk is doing well in the business world. His video game series began in 1999 and it has led to 18 different titles, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, which was released this year.

Cold As Balls, which is now in its fourth season, is a show where Hart talks to different sports stars in cold tubs. Normally, the show is set in a locker room, but due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, Season 4 of the show takes place at an indoor football field, which is the Cold As Balls bubble.

"As sports teams return to the court and field in an all-new way, I’m excited to introduce the first-ever outdoor, stadium-inspired set for the newest season of Cold As Balls," Hart said in a press release. "At a time when the world is yearning for entertainment, I hope to give fans an inside look at the sports and athletes they love — complete with candid conversations, fresh guests, and more of the laughter the world needs right now." New episodes of Cold As Balls can be found every Wednesday on Laugh Out Loud's YouTube channel.