Kevin Hart's 'Cold As Balls' Returns, Features Tony Hawk, Ric Flair

Kevin Hart and the Cold As Balls crew are returning to the cold tubs after a COVID-19-forced location change. The longtime comedian is set to welcome back another season's worth of guests after previously conducting interviews with Russell Wilson and other athletes through video calls. The first trailer is now available and features big names such as Tony Hawk and Ric Flair.

The first glimpse at Cold As Balls Season 4 shows off a very different set. No longer are the cold tubs in the locker room that served as the set. They are now sitting on an indoor football field, which makes up the Cold As Balls bubble. There are even fake cardboard fans sitting in the stands to serve as the backdrop.

"As sports teams return to the court and field in an all-new way, I’m excited to introduce the first-ever outdoor, stadium-inspired set for the newest season of Cold As Balls," Hart said in a press release. "At a time when the world is yearning for entertainment, I hope to give fans an inside look at the sports and athletes they love — complete with candid conversations, fresh guests, and more of the laughter the world needs right now."

The setting may change, but the show's premise remains the same. Hart and his guest hop into the cold tubs and then chat about big moments from their respective careers. The comedian also has to answer questions about his guests, such as "what is my middle name?" If he gets the answer wrong, Bam Bam drops a bucket of ice into the tub.

However, there is a slight change in that Hart and his guests will not remain in the tubs. They will also take part in random on-field activities. Brief clips showed him lining up in a football formation, trying to skateboard and dribbling a basketball.


As the video shows, the fourth season will feature a stacked list of guests. Reggie Bush, Flair, Hawk, Lindsey Vonn, Jemele Hill, Chris Bosh and DeMarcus Cousins all made brief appearances in the trailer. Boxer Ryan Garcia also shows up and pokes fun at Hart.

New episodes of Cold As Balls will air every Wednesday after the Thursday premiere on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud’s IGTV, and Hart's Facebook page. The upcoming guests include Bush, Garcia, Vonn, Cousins, Hill, Bosh, and Flair.