Kelly Kay, Super Bowl Field-Rusher, Says FBI and Homeland Security Questioned Her Over Stunt

The woman who attempted to rush the field during the Super Bowl this past Sunday has opened up about the several hours that followed her stunt. Speaking to TMZ, Kelly Kay, an Instagram model with roughly a quarter-million followers, described how her night went following her arrest. While her night involved getting a few bruises, apparently it also included visits from both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

"Another thing I didn't expect and didn't think about was the FBI and Homeland Security interrogating me," Kay explained in the clip. "It was, like, six guys from the FBI, and I'm like, 'Is this even real?' You always hear about the FBI, but you never think the FBI is gonna be interrogating you. Like, 'if you cooperate, maybe you won't go to jail.' At first, I wasn't talking to them at all, and they got so mad and they threw me into a holding cell with four other girls. There [are] two holding cells at the bottom of the stadium. Threw me in there, it's freezing f---- cold."

"At that point, my dress had been ripped from wrestling with security, so that dress wasn't even on," Kay continued. "I was just in a bathing suit in this holding cell sitting on this concrete floor for eight hours. I wasn't processed, I wasn't arrested, I was just detained in this holding cell. I was like 'can I have a jacket, I'm freezing?' I was in a tiny f—ing bathing suit and they just didn't give a f— at all."

Kay, whose real name is Kelly Green, was arrested midway through the Super Bowl's first quarter Sunday night between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. She claims she did it simply as a way to get on live television. Thankfully for football fans, her actions didn't lead to a delay for the game, as she was tackled by the security personnel prior to reaching the playing surface.


If she's convicted of the misdemeanor trespass, she could face up to one year of jail, as well as additional punishment from the NFL, though it's unclear what that would entail at this point. Despite the rough few hours, Kay doesn't seem all that bothered by the ordeal. At least she didn't yesterday after posting an Instagram that all but celebrated her brief incarceration.

"Do what you want, when you want, life's too short to have regrets. Thanks [NFL] for having me," she wrote in the caption.