'Jersey Shore' Stars Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino Pull off Epic 'Cobra Kai' Halloween Costumes

Halloween was Saturday, prompting celebrities and everyday citizens alike to break out their best costumes. Jersey Shore figures Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino were among this group. The duo partnered for a perfect take on Netflix's Cobra Kai.

D posted a series of photos on Instagram that showed how far the two men went to capture the Karate Kid essence perfectly. He dressed as Johnny Lawrence, donning the sleeveless black outfit. Guadagnino, on the other hand, dressed as Daniel LaRusso. They then went to an empty court at night and posed for a series of photos. Guadagnino even pulled off the crane kick.

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"No Mercy," D wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. Guadagnino also posted the photos and delivered the message, "wax on, wax off." Fans responded to the photos by quoting lines from both The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. Although many of the fans on Instagram simply expressed surprise that D has "gotten so swole."

The Jersey Shore actors were not the only prominent figures dressing up during a unique year. For example, country music star Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, partnered for a head-turning couples costume. Bryan dressed as a triangle of cheese while his wife dressed as a mouse. She attempted to "take a bite out" of the cheese, but Bryan tapped her on the head and sent her to the ground.

Similarly, WWE star Charlotte Flair and her fiance, Andrade, recreated scenes from Batman Returns. Flair dressed as Michelle Pfeiffer's version of Catwoman while Andrade donned the iconic cape and cowl worn by Michael Keaton. They then posed together with Flair sitting on her fiance's chest.

Current COVID-19 regulations limited the size of parties around the country and forced some people to remain in quarantine. However, the restrictions did not limit the entertainment for many people. They continued to dress up and celebrate the holiday with extravagant costumes, albeit in much smaller groups.


Heidi Klum even continued her tradition of going all-out for Halloween. She posted updates on her transformation process on Instagram and asked fans to guess her costume. Klum shared several photos that intrigued and confused fans, showing herself being painted several different colors. She continued to wear a facemask throughout the process in order to avoid any potential exposure to coronavirus.

Klum has continued to impress throughout the years with her extravagant costumes. She dressed as an alien in 2019 after a 12-hour process, stunning fans with the level of intricacy. Additionally, she previously dressed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek, Michael Jackson and Cleopatra.