Heidi Klum Begins Her Annual Halloween Transformation as Fans Try to Guess Her Costume

Heidi Klum is known for her over-the-top Halloween costumes, and while the coronavirus is still in [...]

Heidi Klum is known for her over-the-top Halloween costumes, and while the coronavirus is still in play, that's not stopping the supermodel from engaging fully in her favorite holiday. Klum recently took to Instagram to share the transformation process of one of her upcoming costumes, not yet revealing what she's going to be, but leaving that up to the imagination of her fans until her big reveal. While playing it safe and wearing a mask, Klum captioned the video with, "First you see me, now you don't! [Several ghost emojis] The transformation begins..." ending with the hashtag "Heidi Halloween 2020."

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In the video prior to this one, she shared a different view of the same area she's being painted on, showing the entire room being decked out in plastic tarp. However, while both of these videos are intriguing to watch, these aren't the only spooky holiday vibes she's putting out on her social media platform. In fact, she started days ago sharing everything from her using crazy Halloween filters, to supporting other people decked out in their unique costume. In another recent post, she also noted that this year is extra special because she's getting some help from her kids, showing a photo of four people dressed up as mummies.

While this look is still a confusing one for fans to guess, it's not the only one she's rocking this year. She also shared another photo of her body getting painted once again, but with different colors, noting that this was a different look from the other. Each year, her fans look forward to her elaborate costumes since she doesn't hold back. Hiring a full team to help each year, Klum has officially become "The Queen of Halloween."

Last year, the former Victoria's Secret model dressed up as an Alien, which was a 12-hour process. In years prior, she's worn many looks from Princess Fiona from Shrek, to Cleopatra and Michael Jackson's "Thriller." No detail is left undone as she continues to shock her followers and the rest of Hollywood.

While this year will look a lot different due to the pandemic, it's unclear at the moment just how Klum plans on celebrating the holiday, but she's definitely not letting this stop her from dressing up. In fact, a lot of people will be doing Halloween differently to keep safe, but families across the United States seem to still be hosting small gatherings.