Erin Andrews Was Back on the Sidelines for Bucs vs. Saints in Wake of 'DWTS' Exit

Erin Andrews may not be returning to Dancing With the Stars, but she's already back to her sportscaster roots. On Sunday, Andrews appeared on the sidelines for the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints. The former DWTS host acknowledged her return to the world of sports on Instagram by posting a brief clip of herself giving commentary on the game for Fox Sports.

In the clip, Andrews, who is heading into her seventh season on Fox's lead NFL broadcasting team, dons a stunning salmon-colored blazer from Balmain for her return to the sidelines while covering the latest in the world of sports. The sports journalist captioned the post by writing that she was "pumped to be back" covering the NFL, as the season recently kicked off after a lengthy hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. In advance of the football season, Andrews opened up to the New York Post about the special precautions and guidelines that she will have to follow because of the health crisis. Unlike before, reporters are not allowed to be on the field. Instead, like Andrews highlighted on Instagram, she will be reporting from the sidelines for the season.

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"We're still going to be at the game, we're still going to be close to the field, we're going to be in the front row, and I'm going to try my darndest to adapt," she said. "Obviously we're not going to be able to run up to the coach at halftime or pregame or grab the player postgame… It's kind of going to be we're going to learn on the fly and I think all of us are kind of doing that, and we have to be able to adjust." As she continued to explain, reporters, players, and coaches have all had to adapt amidst the pandemic, and she is thankful that both the teams and the media are on the same page going into this unorthodox sporting season. Andrews added, "I'm thankful because I have really good relationships with the teams and the players and the coaches. I think they understand we're in the same boat as they are in trying to figure this whole thing out."