Dak Prescott Says 'I'll Be Back Stronger and Better' After Suffering Season-Ending Ankle Injury

Dak Prescott is on the road to recovery after suffering a devastating ankle injury during the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants game on Sunday. He had surgery on the ankle on Sunday night and is expected to miss four to six months of action. In the meantime, the Cowboys quarterback sent a message to his fans saying that he will be a better player in 2021.

"I'll be back stronger and better, Prescott wrote on his Instagram story that also showed his fans paying tribute to him. "Thank you all." Along with the Instagram story, Prescott posted a 90-second Instagram video updating everyone on his health. At that time, he was heading to the doctor to check on his leg after surgery.

"What's up everyone? I just want everyone to know that I'm doing well. I can't thank you enough for all your love, your support, your prayers over the last few days," Prescott said in the video. "They've been more than overwhelming, from teammates to family to friends, to fans I don't know, to former and current players around the league and players around all sport. I just wanted to say thank you. They're definitely appreciated and received well, so just knowing that I have that much love and support out there makes a huge difference. I'm in great spirits. Headed to see the doctor, headed to see my leg for the first time post-surgery. So, just ready to start this road to come back. I know this little adversity is just going to be another chapter in the book. I'm excited to move forward and write it."

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While Prescott focuses on his rehabilitation, Cowboys fans are wondering when and if he'll be re-signed? Prescott was playing on the franchise tag. In order for him to not hit the free-agent market next offseason, the Cowboys will need to get a long-term deal done or franchise tags him again, which would mean he would earn $37.7 million.

"We've got to be reminded that to have a team, we've got to really manage how we dole out our resources. Dak is deserving of anything that you want to put on a piece of paper, relatively speaking," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan when talking about Prescott and a new contract. "He's deserving of that. If you evaluate what he can do to help us win championships, you can see that it's there. Plus, he's a leader at the premier leader spot. We've got to make it work.