Ciara and Russell Wilson Throwback to Janet Jackson’s Duet With Busta Rhymes for Halloween 2020

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, just stunned fans with their Halloween costumes. The power couple recreated a music video from 1998. Wilson dressed up like Busta Rhymes while Ciara dressed like Janet Jackson and then they released an epic video.

Wilson posted the clip on social media, showing an incredible amount of production value for a Halloween costume reveal. The clip showed a small era-appropriate television, as well as posters of Busta and Jackson. The video zoomed in and "went into the TV" where Wilson and Ciara recreated the song, "What's It Gonna Be?" As they danced and lip-synced, the footage switched back and forth in order to compare the recreation with the original product.

"Lol late 90's vibes..i was in high school when this track was released..dope," one fan commented on Twitter. Several others commented and proclaimed that this costume was "incredible." Although this was not entirely a universal opinion. Some other fans made comments about the celebrity couple and asked what "Ciara is doing to Wilson" after watching the clip.

In addition to releasing the video, Wilson also posted a photo showing the entire family in costume. Sienna dressed as Maleficent while Future wore a costume featuring one of Spider-Man's foes, Carnage. Even Win got involved and was dressed as a little puppy.

2020 is not the first time that Wilson and Ciara have showcased costumes referencing music history. In 2019, they also stunned by revealing outfits based on a different power couple. They celebrated the holiday while dressed as Jay-Z and Beyonce.


The power dressed up in bright suits — Wilson in a shade of green and Ciara in pink. They then conducted a professional photoshoot and even released a video. Jay-Z and Beyonce saw the Halloween costumes and responded by reaching out. They reportedly "cracked up" before complimenting a fellow power couple.

"Ciara and I had a little fun — me dressing up as Jay and Ciara dressing up as Beyonce," Wilson said in 2019. "We just wanted to have a little fun and play a little respect to Jay-Z and Beyonce and then also we had the Obamas in the background so shoutout to them, too. It was a good time. Ciara killed it. I did my best. That was pretty cool."