Wendy Williams Reveals She Stopped Dating Amid Quarantine

Wendy Williams' dating life is on hold as people are advised to stay at home and socially distance amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday's Good Day NY, The Wendy Williams Show host revealed she wasn't seeing anyone while hunkering down in her New York City apartment.

"I don't know these men enough to have them in here. I'm not hugging or pushing up! I can wait," Williams said, adding that she hasn't been struggling too much with being stuck at home. "I like my surroundings, there are a few things I'm going stir crazy about but not being in the house. I'm a home body, I like being at home."

Williams said she was only leaving her home to go to the grocery store and support employees there, whom she said deserve the respect of other frontline workers. "I mean I've been out a couple of times, I will not lie. There's a grocery store I trust and I go there with a mask and gloves," she said. "Every once in a while I do go there and I like to support the grocers, they are the front line people, then I come back home. But basically I'm in the house."

The talk show was last linked romantically with jeweler William Selby, whom she was rumored to be dating in February after posting flirty photos together on Instagram. Williams hasn't had a serious relationship, however, since her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter was finalized in January amid legal battles and infidelity accusations against her longtime producer.

In January, Williams said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that she was dating again. "After nine months, yes. I am fully divorced. A door has closed in old life. The new chapter has been so lovely," she said, noting that she is "a wife, not a girlfriend."


She continued, "I date, but I love my career. You know how tough it is with this microphone here. You know what I'm saying. There's a certain amount of dedication." As for if she's on dating apps, Williams told Fallon she wasn't signing up. "I'm not doing that because I like eye-to-eye contact. I do. And I feel like I've grown through the years, like I used to never date a short man 'cause I'm 5'11''. I weigh in at like, 175, 160 lbs. I don't know, I don't step on the scale. I just like what I see," she explained.

Williams later added of dating after divorce, "You know what's interesting when you get grown, is that you realize within five minutes, even the worst guy — visually or size wise, or whatever — if he's got game, I'm in. As long as he can pay his own bills, 'cause those days are over. Pay your own bills, treat me with respect."