'The View': Kim Kardashian Reveals Fragrance Company Is Working to Make Hand Sanitizer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Kim Kardashian revealed on The View that her fragrance company is working to make hand sanitizer for customers during the coronavirus crisis. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared in a video call on Tuesday when Whoopi Goldberg asked her if her factories would be producing either hand sanitizer or masks for the masses.

"We have five factories all in different countries and we've been exploring ... how to make medical-grade masks, how to make things that would be helpful in the hospitals. I've been working with partners that have donated masks and we're working with our fragrance company to get [hand] sanitizer made, so that is a huge shift in what we do and we're so happy that we're seeing some good information that we're going to be able to help out," Kardashian explained.

Because hand sanitizer is a product that has flown off shelves since the World Health Organization labeled the crisis a pandemic, distilleries have stepped up to help out. Distillers in states like Pennsylvania and Vermont are using high-proof alcohol turning daily productions into operation lines for the sanitizer. According to a report, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States has even been in contact with federal regulatory agencies and the Trump administration's coronavirus task force to clear red tape and "make sure we can be quick and nimble and fill a need in the marketplace."


As a response to the lack of product, Amazon has stepped up and is focusing on mailing out essential products like cleaning supplies, baby formula and pet care. While name brand sanitizers are hard to come by on the site, there are a number of sanitizers than can be found through the online retailer.