'The Masked Singer' Season 7 Trailer Reveals First Look at New Costumes

The Masked Singer season 7 is roaring back sooner than you think, with the Fox singing competition dropping a trailer that includes the first look at some of the costumes this go around.

In the trailer, some sort of fantasy arc is created where The Masked Singer logo shines on these anonymous celebrities and transforms them into their costumed counterpart. It seems against their will, but in the end, there is a title of musical dominance on the line. It's not just some walk in the park.

This season seems to be splitting the characters into a trio of camps, highlighting the good, the bad and the cuddly. That is the tagline for the trailer, but we can also hope that it is the theme for the season. Please give us the maelstrom we desire, Fox.

On the "good" team, we see a Frog Prince waiting for a kiss to become a real boy and some butterfly wasp in a bondage outfit. The "bad" group introduces a green, angry cyclops with a red eye burning through its head, alongside a centurion or knight that could have been an extra in Wonder Woman. And finally, the "cuddly" involves a lemur with sparkly leggings and an astronaut rabbit, surely plotting how they can get to the moon and make one giant leap look silly by comparison.

These are the first six characters we'll see on this season's show, with many more likely to be revealed in coming weeks. There could also be some hints behind the celebrities in the costumes within the trailer.


The centurion comes out of Las Vegas when the signal hits, while our butterfly wasp is overlooking Los Angeles. And the lemur seems to be a country music superstar to some extent, forced to bolt from the stage as her transformation takes hold. There is also a man flying on a private jet that becomes the cyclops, and a football star who becomes the royal frog.

The season premieres on Wednesday, March 9 on Fox and is sure to bring more surprises throughout February in the leadup. We've seen the show make quite a few changes since its first season, including the introduction of a clue-giving chicken in the last season that turned out to be Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg. Not even his wife, Jenny McCarthy knew who it was under the mask. Should be fun putting together the puzzle pieces.