'Teen Mom': Cheyenne Floyd Concerned as Cory Wharton Leaves for 'The Challenge'

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Cory Wharton shared some big news with his ex Cheyenne Floyd and their daughter, Ryder. He explained to his ex that he got the call to do another season of The Challenge, meaning that he could potentially be away from his family for months as he films the MTV series. While Floyd shared her concerns about the situation, particularly as their daughter experienced a medical emergency when Wharton last went on The Challenge, she ultimately said that she was alright with him going away to film the show.

Wharton told Floyd that he was excited about the possibility of going on The Challenge, but he "wanted to make sure" that she felt "comfortable with this." Floyd responded, "So, you could be gone for potentially three months during a pandemic, during Covid, to leave me and Ryder all alone." The longtime Challenge competitor then tried to explain why going on the show would be best, as he said, "I'm excited. I'm just happy that I'm gonna get the opportunity to work during this pandemic. I know a lot of people don't have work right now, so I'm just thankful that, you know, I have that opportunity and I just wanted to run it by you."

She ultimately told Wharton, "It is a pandemic and you are very blessed to have an opportunity to go and work and make some money." After Floyd admitted that it would be a good idea for him to go and compete, he then walked over to give her a hug. Wharton then had to break the news to their young daughter, Ryder. She said that she was "happy" about her father going on the show and even said that she wanted to compete on The Challenge when she grows up. Wharton is competing on the 36th season of The Challenge, subtitled Double Agents, which is currently airing on MTV.


Floyd was mainly concerned about the possibility of another medical emergency situation with Ryder taking place when Wharton is away on the show. When he went to compete on Season 35, Total Madness, Ryder was admitted to the hospital after she experienced a fever. The little one deals with a rare illness called VLCAD. Floyd and Wharton did discuss what to do if another emergency situation arises when he is on The Challenge, and he told his ex that he would like to be contacted about it no matter how far he makes it in the competition, as his family comes first.