'Teen Mom 2' Star's Mom Receives Shocking Update About Jail Sentence

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline's mother Christy Smith has been dealing with some legal drama on the show. In the previous episode, Smith told her daughter that she was going to jail for a period of 45 days. But, on Tuesday's episode, she received an update about her jail stint that took her by surprise. 

The whole episode led up to when Smith had to report to jail. But, the episode began with Smith and her husband Corey's short-lived stay at Cline's home. After expressing to her friend that her parents were making her life more stressful, Cline told them that they had to leave. Smith didn't take the news well, as she was apparently texting her daughter a series of negative messages including "you don't love me, you don't care about me," per Cline. 

The Teen Mom 2 star told the camera that she wanted to help her mom out before she went to jail, but that she couldn't have them live with her and her daughter Kloie anymore. She also said that she doesn't believe that they're trying to be better, which played into her decision to kick them out. Smith talked to a producer later on in the episode to share her side of the story. 

Smith explained that she slept in her car one night and subsequently got an efficiency after being kicked out of her daughter's home. She also expressed her frustrations over Cline and said that she doesn't appreciate what she does for her (Smith said that she and Corey were watching Kloie as their way of helping out, but Cline could be seen taking her daughter to daycare because her parents were unable to take care of her). The producer then asked about the jail stint and Smith responded, "I've had nightmares about it. I'm not the same that I was before I went to jail in 2013. I've had nightmares about that sh*t. I feel like I had PTSD from it."


Finally, it was time for Smith's sentence to begin and she and her husband headed to the location. Although, when they got there, Smith got a message from her lawyer saying that her sentence had been "continued" and that she was free to go. They did not set a new date for her jail sentence to begin. Smith was overjoyed by the news. But, when she called Cline about it, the reality star did not seem to be too interested. The Teen Mom: Family Reunion star said that since something went Smith's way, she seemingly pushed aside their issues and forgot about the pain that Cline was dealing with. So, it seems like there's still trouble brewing between the mother-daughter duo.