'Teen Mom 2' Star's Mother Is Headed to Jail

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline's mom has found herself in the midst of a serious situation. The Sun reported that Cline's mother Christy Smith is headed to jail after accepting a plea deal for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. As a result of her plea deal, Smith will spend 90 days in prison. 

Smith was originally charged with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia on October 11, 2018. While she was not arrested at the time, she did receive a summons for the charges. Years later, in September 2021, Smith accepted a plea deal. In doing so, she pleaded guilty to both counts and agreed to serve 90 days in jail with no probation. The deal also requires her to pay $585 in fines. 

The next step in this case is a sentencing court hearing, which is scheduled to take place later this March. At the time, the judge will either accept or deny her agreement to the plea deal. Fans will likely get to see how part of this situation plays out, as it was teased in a preview for the current season of Teen Mom 2. In the preview, Smith tells Cline, "I'm going to jail." The MTV personality said in a separate clip, "She's going to feel very abandoned by people."

Unfortunately, this might not come as too much of a surprise to Teen Mom 2 fans, as Smith's drug issues have been chronicled on the show in the past. Cline previously said about her parents, "In my new season, both of my parents were just incarcerated. They've been strung out for so long. They're binge addicts. It hurts because I've grown up and I haven't had my mom there." 

Cline referenced when Smith and her husband, Michael, were arrested in May 2019. It was reported that Smith was arrested for felony possession of methamphetamine, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia. As for Michael, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia. On May 15, 2019, they both entered not guilty pleas. The charges were all later dismissed. 


This won't be the only issue on Cline's plate in the new season of Teen Mom 2. In the premiere, her on-again, off-again boyfriend Sean Austin, with whom she shares daughter Kloie, announced that he was going to receive treatment for his addiction issues in Texas. Cline said in a confessional during the episode about the circumstances leading up to his decision, "I think it was the not wanting to work. He was very much distancing himself. You could just feel it in the house, the disconnect."