'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus 'Livid' After Seeing Ex Devoin Austin's Car Ride With Daughter Nova

Briana DeJesus is "livid" after watching ex Devoin Austin's behavior on Tuesday's Teen Mom 2, during which he blasted her for asking for child support while having a "$15,000 body" before lying to 9-year-old daughter Nova about the reason he wouldn't be taking her to gymnastics after picking her up from school.

DeJesus and Austin have been fighting over money all season, with Nova's father previously agreeing to pay her about $250 a month to help her raise their daughter. In Tuesday's episode, however, he told sister Kayla he thought his ex was making too much money on MTV and her corporate job to be asking him for so much. Waiting to pick up Nova from school, Austin texted DeJesus to tell her he would be dropping Nova at home instead of her after-school activity, as he was going to the mall.

The text conversation soon turned to money, as he accused her of asking for too much and spending a small fortune on plastic surgery. DeJesus corrected him that all of her plastic surgery was free as part of a paid promotion, but that didn't stop him from telling his sister, "She makes all these f—ing decisions on her own on her f—ing salary. ... B— got a $15,000 body; I don't even have $15,000 of s—."

The conversation didn't stop when Nova got in the car, and when she asked why she wasn't going to gymnastics, Austin lied that DeJesus asked him to take her home instead because she wanted to "see her really bad." Needless to say, DeJesus was not happy watching the moment play out on TV.


DeJesus previously revealed she would no longer film with Austin next season after their fighting this year, prompting one follower to ask, "Why refuse to film with him next season when MTV have agreed to pay him? That way you get your child support." The reality star responded, "I realized I don't even need anything from him," adding that she doesn't think any money Austin makes from the show would go towards Nova over "Gucci sneakers." She concluded, "So no I have no desire or plan to help him make more money when he can't even help me with simple things."