'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Unveils Body Transformation After Plastic Surgery

Briana DeJesus is showing off her new body after undergoing a full plastic surgery makeover courtesy of celebrity surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, most commonly known as Dr. Miami. The Teen Mom 2 star has redone her body in the past, but underwent a breast and booty reduction, as well as liposuction in her arms, earlier this month, the results of which she showed off on her Instagram Story Wednesday.

Briana DeJesus post surgery
(Photo: Briana DeJesus)

"Hey guys, so this is my update," she began, showing off her recovering body in a tank top and sweatpants. "My bellybutton is healing. I really love it. It's so much better than before."

Having smaller breasts will be a much better fit as well. "These are my new boobs," DeJesus continued. "They are extremely small, but they fit me. I love them. I'm never going big ever again."

Briana DeJesus post surgery 2
(Photo: Briana DeJesus)

A smaller booty and slimmed down arms also had the MTV personality raving. "My arms are still pretty swollen, so I'm waiting for them to go down. I'm extremely happy with everything … Still bruised, but my butt is so tiny."

Then stripping down to just her underwear to give a closer look at her backside, DeJesus apologized to the mystery man she's rumored to be dating, saying, "Don't kill me bae I'm sorry," before reassuring her followers she's still "jiggly" in the booty area.


While DeJesus has yet to reveal the identity of her new man, it's clear he's happy with the results of her surgery, she revealed on Twitter less than two weeks after she went under the knife.

Photo credit: MTV