'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus Claps Back After Fans Blast Her Child Support Agreement With Exes

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus tried to explain herself in a series of tweets after fans criticized the child support agreement she reached with the fathers of her daughters, Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez. DeJesus asked them for $250 a month each, even as it was revealed how much she has spent on clothes for her children and the high cost of a Florida townhouse she bought for her family. DeJesus shares 9-year-old daughter Nova with Austin and 3-year-old Stella with Hernandez.

DeJesus posted a long Twitter thread Friday, and all the tweets have since been deleted. "I've bent over backward for my babby daddies, only to get s— on," DeJesus wrote in one tweet, reports The Sun. "I've had to be the shoulder to cry on when they made promises they couldn't keep to their kids." DeJesus said she has needed to work three jobs to "make sure my kids have everything they need" and the $250 per child would be sued for their "gymnastics bill and daycare."

The MTV star said she gave her exes "chance after chance," even inviting one of them to live with her when he was "homeless" so he could save up money to get his own place. She also accused them of not being there for their children when they need them. "Both fathers want to father when it’s convenient for them but when’s the last time they actually taught their kid something like ride a bike or learn a sport? How often do they spend quality time?" she wrote. One of her exes got "blackout drunk by the pool" when one of her daughters was around and the other often arrives at her home high, she claims.

DeJesus admitted her "personal life hasn't always been great," but she tries "hard as [f—] to give chances. Y’all can call me whatever you want but u can’t call me a bad mother." She went on, "I still try too hard and I don’t ever get what I ask for return but Gucci sneakers and popping bottles at the club is more important. F— yall! I will continue to do everything on my own like I’ve always done. And yes I know my mother and sister help with caring for the kids but I do everything else alone!" At the end of her thread, DeJesus said she was just "asking for consistency" from Hernandez and Austin.


The tweets came after a recent Teen Mom 2 episode showed DeJesus' budget for her children. The papers showed she spends $150 a month on clothes and shoes for Stella. This week, The Sun also reported DeJesus was sued for allegedly failing to pay construction fees on her Florida townhouse. The house reportedly cost over $269,000.

Although DeJesus appears on the ongoing Teen Mom 2 season, she appeared to threaten to leave in a series of tweets in September. At the time, she slammed MTV for picking "what matters and what doesn't matter" in her narrative on the show. "I don't get paid enough to be treated like s— compared to these other self-centered b—es," she wrote. DeJesus joined the show for Season 8 in 2017 after previously appearing on the short-lived Teen Mom 3.