'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Unloads on Her Exes

Where Briana DeJesus goes, so follows controversy. The Teen Mom 2 star can’t seem to avoid headlines lately, the latest being of her own doing as she continues her feud with her two ex-boyfriends and the father of her children, Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez.

The latest incident saw her take to social media, where she vented about the two baby daddies. The issue at hand stems from financial support for her children. As fans of Teen Mom 2 are aware of, DeJesus hasn’t been shy lately about asking her exes to step up and contribute financially for their children. DeJesus had kept relatively quiet about this issue before, but after buying a new house in Florida, which she apparently owes quite a bit of money on for construction costs, she’s bringing to light the issue of absent fathers.

Her fight with Austin also has to do with a back-and-forth in which the two publicly argued about how much they make from the show. She posted on her Instagram story before removing the attack that Austin gives the “bare minimum” in being a father. She called him for a lack of reliability and sacrifice, “I’m not asking for much and I never asked for much but mfs get real sensitive and I had enough.” As seen on the show, DeJesus asked each ex to provide $250 per month apiece to help support her in raising their child. While expressing her frustration about wanting them both to help out, DeJesus said she’ll continue being the “best parent I can be” and do what she can by herself.

In a separate post, she also called out Hernandez for being a “deadbeat” and even wrote, “I hope he chokes.” She added that he is “non-existent” but did admit that he is participating financially for their daughter, Stella, with him sending her money monthly. However, outside of that, DeJesus says she never hears from him and sometimes doesn’t even know if he’s alive.

DeJesus continues to be a magnet for controversy. After appearing to quit the MTV production over concerns with filming and her portrayal, along with some issues with the COVID-19 guidelines, she also finds herself in some trouble according to The Sun report that suggests she owes more than $5,000 in outstanding construction debt. However, she claims they “messed up,” and she therefore won’t pay them. To see what’s next for DeJesus, be sure to catch Teen Mom 2 on MTV on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.