'Storage Wars' Star Jarrod Schulz Speaks out on Wife Brandi Passante's Domestic Violence Claims

Storage Wars star Jarrod Schulz insists he didn't get physical with Brandi Passante as he faces a [...]

Storage Wars star Jarrod Schulz insists he didn't get physical with Brandi Passante as he faces a count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery stemming from an alleged incident with his ex-wife back in April. As the reality personality awaits trial in his domestic violence case, Schulz's attorney, Benjamin Arsenian, told TMZ that he wants the whole case dismissed. Schulz denies making any contact with Passante and said he had no plans on taking any plea deal unless it results in a complete dismissal of the case.

TMZ reported that legal sources with the case revealed prosecutors have not put a deal on the table and the case is planned to go to trial on July 12 as planned after Schulz pleaded not guilty Monday. Schulz is facing charges after an alleged altercation with Passante back in April. The Orange County District Attorney's Office confirmed in May that Schulz, who has been part of the A&E series since its premiere in 2010, was charged after getting into a "heated exchange" in a bar in Lake Forest, Orange County, where Passante was said to have been hanging out with friends when Schulz showed up.

When Passante demanded Schulz leave, he allegedly refused and pushed her twice, beginning to yell at her whole group. When speaking to the police about the incident, Schulz denied pushing Passante, according to the initial report from TMZ. A&E has not publicly addressed the alleged incident, but in May, sources told TMZ that the network "immediately launched a probe" after learning of Schulz's charge. The investigation was called active and ongoing, and it was expected that Schulz would not be involved with filming for Storage Wars until the results from the investigation return. Upon examining the results of that investigation, Schulz could reportedly be fired from the show.

Just days before the alleged altercation, Passante opened up to PopCulture, saying that filming at the same auctions with her ex was "not comfortable," but that she was making it work. The two previously starred in their own spinoff series, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job, which chronicled the ups and downs of their relationship. Returning to Storage Wars for a new season for the first time since 2019, Passante joked she was "getting bored" ahead of their return.

Getting back into filming amid the COVID pandemic has been "on level weird for everyone," due to the rigorous testing and safety procedures the cast and crew have been following, but everyone has "found [their] stride again ... tumultuous as ever," Passante said with a laugh.