'Sister Wives': Paedon Brown Admits to Assaulting His Sister

Paedon Brown, the son of Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Christine Brown, admitted to slapping his sister Gwen Brown during a disturbing TikTok live video earlier this week. The 23-year-old Brown said the incident happened many years ago and is one of the reasons why he and his sister are estranged. Christine ended her "spiritual union" with Kody in November 2021, and the dissolution of their relationship was chronicled in Sister Wives Season 16.

In the clip, Brown said he "messed up" many years ago when he struck Gwen, 20. "I hit Gwen. I slapped Gwen after some words were exchanged and I took it too far and I slapped her and she thinks that I might do it again and she's scared of me," Brown said, reports The Sun. Brown said it is "okay" that his younger sister is afraid of him and he is not going to "argue" with her. Their mother is also aware of their estrangement and is "trying to help" Gwen.

"Mom knows I would never. I know I would never, but it hurts me. It hurts me knowing that my sister thinks I want to hurt her," Brown continued. He went on to say he did not want to hurt Gwen. "I'm going to wait until she feels okay to talk to me," he said. "I want her to feel safe and it's very important that my sister feel safe around me." The video was saved by a Sister Wives fan and published on Reddit.

Brown did not say why he argued and slapped his sister. However, the two got into a public social media feud in September 2020, notes The Ashley's Reality Round-Up. Gwen, who is bisexual, tweeted about clashing with her family members. "That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don't think your sexuality is real or possible #ThisIsSomethingWeCanAllRelateToDefinitely," she wrote at the time.

One Twitter follower suggested she was referring to Brown, claiming he once messaged them on Instagram to tell them "Black lives don't matter." Gwen responded, "Not surprised... Did you screenshot it?" The fan did, and Gwen praised them. "Talking with racists is painful and he sounded like an idiot," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, reports The Ashley. "Good job." When another fan told Brown about this exchange on Instagram, Brown wrote, "Thanks. I will still protect her until my dying day."

Brown and Gwen are two of six children Christine and Kody share. They are also parents to Aspyn, 26; Mykelti, 25; Ysabel, 18; and Truely, 11. Kody has 15 children in total and adopted his wife Robyn's three children in 2015. Kody is still in spiritual unions with Meri Brown and Janelle Brown, and his only legal marriage is with Robyn Brown. Christine spiritually married Kody in 1994, but they announced their split in November 2021.

In a previous interview with The Sun, Brown admitted he was "rude" to Robyn's children. "I saw my dad doing things with them that he didn't do with me," he said in February. "And so, I ended up being rude to them. So she didn't like me being rude to her kids." Lately, Brown's relationship with Robyn's children especially those closest to his age has been better. "My relationships with Dayton and Aurora are now great," he told The Sun. "My relationship with Breanna is not good at all, but that's because she is several years younger than me."