'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown and Son Paedon Ordered to Pay $30K Over Car Crash

Kody Brown, the star of TLC's Sister Wives, reportedly has to pay $30,000 for a 2017 car crash his son Paedon allegedly caused. The crash victims sued both Kody and Paedon, accusing Kody of knowingly let an inexperienced driver behind the wheel of his car. Brown was not at the scene of the accident. Both Brown and Paedon have denied the allegations.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit accused Brown of letting an "inexperienced or incompetent person" drive the car, which makes him "jointly and severally liable" for the crash, reports Soap Dirt. Although the father and son deny the claims, the court's judgment was in favor of the plaintiffs. When the crash happened, the 21-year-old Paedon was a teenager. He allegedly followed the car in front of his vehicle too closely. When the car in front of him braked, Paedon hit the vehicle from behind. The car then also hit the vehicle in front of it, causing a three-vehicle accident.

The court reached the $30,000 judgment based on the court fees, the "pain" and "suffering" the plaintiffs faced, as well as the injuries caused and the plaintiffs' medical bills. Brown was held responsible for the crash, even though he was not there and he will have to pay the judgment. The car Paedon drove belonged to Brown. Paedon is the son of Brown and Christine Ruth Brown.

Sister Wives' 14th season began in January and the show follows Brown, his four wives and their children. Brown is only legally married to Robyn Brown and is in "spiritual unions" with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine. The show was originally based in Lehi, Utah, but the family moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and the Flagstaff, Arizona area in 2018. Recent episodes have focused on Brown's financial struggles and Meri's decision to separate from the family.

During an April episode showing Meri and Brown attending couple's therapy, Meri admitted their relationship was "rocky." Brown said the two had "soft-pedaled" their issues for too long and needed to go to therapy to find the "temperature" of their relationship. During therapy, Meri said it felt like the relationship was "dead" and "over," to which Brown agreed. "Meri and I had a very fast courtship. I didn't know who I was marrying," Brown said. "I am just done with hearing how I am wrong."


In another Sister Wives controversy, Christine came under fire for sharing a post on Facebook that insinuated some animals should not have been brought onto Noah's Ark. "Let's be honest, I trust God but I think some animals should have been left behind," Christine wrote, then asking fans to share pictures of animals, "you think should have drowned." The post left some fans horrified, with one person writing "every creature has a purpose, I couldn't drown any living thing."