'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Marlo Hampton Targeted by Home Invaders

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton was reportedly the target of a home invasion. Fox 5 Atlanta reported that Hampton was one of the targets of a crime spree in the Sandy Springs area, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to the reality star, others targeted included players with the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. 

Four individuals were arrested in connection with this crime spree. They are allegedly tied to a gang and committed these alleged crimes over the course of a year. Officers were able to apprehend the individuals after staking out a residence after learning that they planned to break into a home that belongs to the mother of one of rapper Future's children. Sandy Springs Police Department Sgt. Matt McGinnis said, "We were fortunate that that night they decided to come to us and we were able to make an arrest."

"They had been in the area before, and they had been all through Sandy Springs using social media to find and locate different victims and based on the intelligence we had we thought they might be in that area again, and we were fortunate," Sgt. McGinnis continued. Hampton's home was reportedly targeted on July 1. As she explained to Fox 5 Atlanta, she believes that her home was a target as she chronicled on social media that she had just returned from a trip. 

"I look at the phone and you just see these four guys one has a gun I screamed," Hampton said, adding that the men knocked on her front door and then ran off. "I just feel they were not thinking anyone was home. They just took off running like oh shoot because in their minds they're watching they thought we were gone." The reality star continued, "I just want women in the industry like myself to be aware of posting. I want us to get firearms, be trained for it. I want to make sure your home is secure now I have a steel door. Sandy Springs came to my home and did a home assessment."


Hampton further addressed the situation to WSB-TV and explained that when she heard the men knocking on her door, she took her two nephews, who live with her, and fled to a panic room. She told the outlet, "I just thank God and we're covered in the blood of Jesus and I'm here to share this story with you. But my main concern is, I want all the ladies … I want everyone to be aware if you are posting, if you do have luxury items, be careful."