'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Says There Is 'No Clear Answer' About Her Health Following Hospitalization

Danielle Busby is thanking fans for their prayers as she continues on her journey to figure out her health issues. Two days after the OutDaughtered star, 37, was hospitalized for an "invasive" test, she shared an update with her followers, revealing that while she didn't need surgery, there is still "no clear answer" as to what is going on with her unknown health struggles.

"I went into my procedure on Monday pretty certain that I would be coming out with having to have a surgery, but my prayer was answered and NO surgery is needed," the reality star wrote on Instagram Thursday alongside a photo of herself in a doctor's office. The mother-of-six thanked her followers for "the extra prayers," saying that because she believes in the power of prayer, "I am certain these prayers helped my outcome."

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Despite being able to leave the hospital without surgery, Danielle shared it wasn't the end of her search for a solution. "More test [sic] lead to more doctors … but still no clear answer at the moment of what’s going on," she wrote. "Please understand, I am in the window of uncertainty and I only feel comfortable sharing as much as this. I will continue to share as more things start to unfold. Thank you for the continued prayers." Danielle’s husband, Adam Busby, also shared an update on Instagram, writing alongside a photo from the same doctor's office Thursday, "Another day, another dr."

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Adam, 38, shared Tuesday that his wife was in the hospital for her "most invasive test so far" after a year filled with questions about her health. Neither Busby has gone into detail about Danielle's health issues, with Adam writing during his update, "This is all we are comfortable with sharing at the moment. Please respect that in this current time of uncertainty and refrain from speculation. Just asking for prayers. We will definitely share updates as Danielle is comfortable."

Danielle first had a health scare in November 2020, and since then has been working nonstop to try and figure out what is wrong. "I have been seeing multiple doctors to try & help figure out what’s going on with me. I was led to the care of a Cardiologist and Rheumatologist, who have both been amazing," she explained earlier this month. "Lots of tests have been done for both doctors … some results have come back OK, and some … not so much."