'Outdaughtered' Star Adam Busby Offers Update on Wife Following Hospitalization

Danielle Busby is out of the hospital according to husband Adam Busby after she had to be rushed to the emergency room. The events unfolded on Nov. 15 after Adam first revealed that they were in the ER. A fan of Outdaughtered asked if Busby had figured out what was nagging her in a recent post of his and what was the source of the visit. Adam replied to the fan that they were "still waiting" on tests to be performed. On Nov. 19, Adam's post saw him share a moment in which he was able to photograph an event at Danielle's Graeson Bee Boutique, "Love to see [Danielle] get to do what she loves."

Adam, who has recently been in some controversy, first shared what was going down on Nov. 15. "Crazy how fast your day can turn… if you would, please say a prayer for [Danielle]," he wrote on Instagram. The father of six explained that his wife was undergoing tests for "alarming sensations in her arms and legs." From his account, it seemed like the pain came on quickly. The visit to the hospital, which has been a far too common thing for Danielle over the years, didn't appear to be too strenuous, however, as Adam posted a photo with Danielle back at home a few days later. The tests didn't provide much clarification, though, as Adam said they will have to go see a specialist as they "didn't get a whole lot of answers."

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Since getting out of the hospital, the couple has quickly gotten back on their feet. Two days ago, Adam and Danielle went with a few other couples to Pier 6 Seafood and Oyster House in the Houston area. Over on her page, Danielle also showed off her good spirits by taking her six girls out to breakfast to visit the "Sugar Plum Fairy" and to take in the Nutcracker. "Still can't believe all six of these girls are mine," she began her post. "I was never a girly girl growing up but now that I'm a #girlmom, I love all things girly!"


Adam and Danielle tied the knot in 2006 and delivered quintuplets in April 2015. Prior to that, they welcomed their oldest daughter in 2011. TLC then followed the lives of the family beginning in 2016. A popular show on the network, Outdaughtered has continued to find itself renewed as it just released its seventh season in June.