'Little People, Big World' Announces Fall Season Premiere Date

The Roloff family is returning to the small screen in September. TLC finally scheduled the Little People, Big World Season 21 premiere for Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 9 p.m. ET. The new season will cover several significant changes for the family, including Amy Roloff moving off the farm and settling the issue over ownership with her ex-husband Matt Roloff. Viewers will also see how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives later in the season.

Following the exits of Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey, LPBW is left to focus on Matt and Amy, their son Zach Roloff and Zachary's wife, Tori Roloff. Zach and Tori's story in Season 21 will show the challenges of parenthood. The couple is parents to 3-year-old Jackson and Lilah, who was born in November 2019. Tori frequently shares new photos of the children, who were both born with the same form of dwarfism as their father.

The new season of LPBW will also follow the next steps in dissolving Amy's interests in Roloff Farms. At the end of Season 19, Amy accepted a buyout offer from Matt. Amy is now engaged to Chris Marek, while Matt is dating Caryn Chandler. The Roloffs divorced in 2016 after almost three decades of marriage. Amy and Marek were planning to get married in 2020 at one point, but the wedding was pushed to 2021 back in January.

Wedding planning could be a topic on the new season. Back in April, Amy and Marek told Us Weekly they do plan on inviting Matt if he wants to come. "They're welcome if they'd like to come," Marek explained. "We don't want anyone coming to our wedding out of obligation. The wedding is supposed to be about good friends and close family. I like Matt; I get along with him fine — and Caryn. But we're not friends that hang out. We don't do things together."

The pandemic will also play a significant role in the new season, TLC teased. Fans will see the family trying to host a quarantine birthday party and dealing with the stress of a move during a pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic is not mentioned very often on Tori's Instagram page, which made her the target of criticism to the point that she had to tell fans, "I am not responsible for teaching the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issue." Tori added, "I don't owe you anything. You don't own me. You can't manipulate me. This is my Instagram and I can choose what I want to share."