'Little People, Big World': Jeremy Roloff and Wife Audrey Ripped for Video of Daughter Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Little People, Big World fans keep a careful eye on everything members of the Roloff family do with their children, and they are not afraid to lash out. Earlier this week, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, who have not been on the show in two years, went on a road trip with their two young children, daughter Ember Jean, and son Bode James. The parents shared a video of Ember sleeping in the back seat of their truck and not wearing a seat belt, which led to fans calling her out.

On Tuesday, Jeremy shared a 13-minute video from the trip. The first part featured Audrey asking Ember what she was doing, which was "going on an adventure." Ember, 2, was not wearing a seat belt, while Bode's infant car seat was seen on the floor. "I’m sorry to be one of 'those parents'.... but is she even buckled up???!!!!??? For her age and height, she should really be in a car seat/booster seat!" one fan wrote. "Where is her car seat or seat belt? Shame on you," another wrote.

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Audrey was not thrilled with the backlash, reports InTouch Weekly. When she shared the video in her own Instagram Story, she added, "Also, if you’re looking to recruit some Karens, these comments are full of ‘em." Jeremy laughed off critics in his Instagram comments section. "Good thing I haven’t posted her riding in the tractor bucket yet," he wrote back to the commenter who did not want to be one of "those parents." He responded to the commenter who wrote "shame on you" by writing that same phrase back.

Most of the comments the Roloffs saw in response were positive and it brought back many childhood memories for some. "Karens, Beckys and Susans...y’all are welcome to unfollow them. Worry about your own kids and grandkids," one person wrote to the critics. "Man these people wouldn’t like the way I drove myself around on a 4 wheeler at the age of 7 or road in the back of a farm truck growing up," another chimed in.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff left Little People, Big World back in July 2018. Since then, they published the best-selling book A Love Letter Life, and have completed writing a second book. In May, the couple said they just turned in the manuscript for their next project. "It was a pretty rough couple of months trying to write a book during a global pandemic with a toddler and a newborn," Audrey wrote in May. "To have a completed manuscript is such an unexplainable mix of emotions - relief, excitement, doubt, exhaustion, nervousness. The juxtaposition of 'this is totally crap' mixed with 'oh my gosh this has so much potential to change lives!' is real."