'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Pushes Back Wedding to Chris Marek

Amy Roloff is pushing back her walk down the aisle. The Little People, Big World star had been planning to marry her fiance, Chris Marek, sometime this year. However, RadarOnline has learned that she's been put in a bit of a cash crunch.

Back on Dec. 22, Roloff and friend Lisa Dixon were making a Facebook Live appearance when Roloff admitted that she and Marek had pushed the date back to sometime in 2021 -- a full year after their original projected date. When Dixon pointed out that the couple already had a 2020 date announced, Roloff admitted that this calendar year "wasn't going to work," before explaining that "2021 is when it's going to happen."

"There's like no money left in my bank account, the money is literally flying out the doors," Roloff added, attributing that a cash crunch was the reason behind the delay.

Roloff recently moved off the farm where she lived with her now ex-husband, Matt, and is currently trying to adjust to her new home with Marek.

"A new house is something both Felix and I are adjusting to," Roloff wrote at the time, referring to her dog. "Getting to know a smaller backyard, which is nice, living in a neighborhood, that's pretty cool too, meeting some of the neighbors and working on making the house a home. Furniture being delivered soon, closet being set up and wondering how I want to decorate it. That will be fun."

Roloff and Marek bought the house back in September, though official word didn't get out until November. The couple's new Hillsboro, Oregon, home is located just 15 minutes from the Roloff farm. During an episode of Little People, Big World that aired in June, it was revealed that Roloff took a buyout after their nearly 30 years together.

Marek entered the scene in 2016, not long after the divorce between Roloff and her ex, Matt Roloff, was finalized. They got engaged in September of this year, the same month they bought their new "little person-friendly" house.


In mid-November, Roloff took to Instagram to reflect on all the radical life changes she's endured in a short window of time.

"I must admit I haven't handled the collision of all these wonderful and sad emotions and life moments all at once as gracefully as I had hoped or wanted," Roloff wrote at the time. "It was a lot of stuff to handle for me and I'm realizing I really don't handle stress as well as I had thought. I've learned to give myself a little more grace which allowed me to look at a new day with a better attitude and see how much I have to be grateful and thankful for and still do."