Kody Brown's Finale Outburst During Family Meeting May Spell Doom for 'Sister Wives'

Kody Brown has had it. In the sneak peek of the season finale of Sister Wives, Brown is seen with all of his sister wives trying to work on their relationships. And based on what Brown said, he seems not to care anymore. At the beginning of the clip, Brown said he doesn't understand what they are talking about.

"I'm coming into this whole conversation very cynical," he admits during a confessional, "because I'm extremely discouraged that I can't get my wives to all agree on one simple thing: preventing the spread of COVID in our family. And so it's pissing me off."

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As mentioned by The Hollywood Gossip, this season of Sister Wives was filmed in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Christine said she made plans for the coming months and not going to cancel. Janelle also said that she was not going to quarantine all summer. Brown revealed he would be the only one to move between the four different homes, which could increase his chances of spreading the virus. In her confessional, Janelle revealed, "I think we've had communication problems for a long time." She went on to say the pandemic has added new stress to the family.

As for Christine, she explained: "So I need to feel important at the end of a conversation, I feel like some of my ideas ... I don't feel like I'm important, I don't even really have a say. Everyone just assumes I'm just being a princess because I'm not expressing myself well. I'm not ever intending to be a princess, but I think I'm seen that way and it's frustrating."


Brown then said, "I feel like everybody feels that same way, like it's a fight constantly to like have an idea even heard, so ..." Robyn then asked him what he wanted to write on the easel that was set up by Janelle. Brown first declined, which led to Robyn telling him he had to participate. Brown then admitted: "My problem is I don't want to write anything down there because I don't give a s— anymore."

"You know, we've moved here, we're going through the struggles, I've been arguing about COVID now for so long with these ladies ..."That's the reason I don't care anymore," he said in the confessional. "I don't enjoy the relationship anymore because it feels like a constant fight."' Sister Wives debuted in 2010 and is wrapping up its 15th season.