Why 'Sister Wives' Fans Are Jumping on Kody Brown Right Now

Sister Wives fans are jumping on family patriarch Kody Brown right now and the reality star appears to be in some real hot water. As first reported by Monsters & Critics, Kody was live-tweeting Sunday's episode when he commented, "I’m not being a victim here. I’m just b—in’ about the situation. This family has no victims. We just see from [a] different paradigm. We struggle to agree, but there are no victims!"

This comment did not sit well with fans, who quickly hit back. "Well YOU certainly seem to be on the attack of everyone that doesn’t agree with YOU!" one watcher exclaimed. "So tired of the Kody & Robyn Show! You [two] really put a damper on this show! It hasn’t been very good since you [two] have to be front and center all the time!!" Someone else added, "There are 3 victims Meri, Janelle and Christine."

While a lot of fans have been critical of Kody, there have been some to show support. "Social media is so harsh to your family," one fan tweeted back to Kody. "I think you guys did what you could in a confusing time made worse by political agendas polarizing what should have been health/science issues. We ALL had emotional effects compounded by confusion. You all did your best with what you knew."


The issues that most fans seem to have with Kody stem from a perception that he is prioritizing his fourth wife Robyn over the others. This comes on the heels of Christine opening up and expressing that she feels like her husband makes her his last priority. In a recent episode, she referred to herself as his "basement wife," and added, "More than anything with Kody is, I don't feel like I'm very important to him." The season finale of Sister Wives airs on April 18 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.