'Home Town' Star Erin and Ben Napier's Daughter Helen Breaks Her Tibia and Fibula During Park Accident

Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier's toddler daughter is recovering following a scary accident at the park. In a social media post, the mom-of-one opened up about the terrifying incident, recounting how what had started as a fun-filled day ended with 3-year-old Helen suffering a broken leg.

In the post, Erin revealed to her more than 800,000 Instagram followers that her daughter is now donning a cast after breaking both her tibia and fibula. The mom-of-one explained that they were having "a fun day at the park" when Helen "stepped wrong at the end of a slide," resulting in the scary injury. Erin expressed plenty of thanks for her husband for being "beside" her "when parenting during a pandemic gets even more nerve-racking." She also gave him some kudos for "sharing nights on the floor by" their daughter's crib.

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The HGTV star shared the post alongside two images, the first of which was an adorable photo of Ben sound asleep next to their daughter in her crib. The photo appeared to be captured by a baby monitor. A second image showed Helen lying on the couch cuddled with a stuffed animal, her legs propped up on pillows. Her left leg bore a pink cast.

Ben also recounted the ordeal on his own account. The proud dad is currently busy filming his new Home Town spinoff, Home Town: Ben's Workshop, which airs on discovery+. Ben, a former church minister who shot to renovation fame after an HGTV producer spotted their renovation of the 1925 craftsman cottage they were fixing up for themselves, admitted that he was struggling to continue filming amid his daughter's injury. In a note shared to his Instagram Story, Ben wrote, "trying to act happy and naturally on camera, knowing my little girl is at home hurting."


Neither he nor his wife indicated how long Helen will be in the cast, nor did they specify when the injury occurred, but fans were quick to send the little one wishes for a speedy recovery. Responding to Erin's post, singer-songwriter Morgane Stapleton wrote, "Oh Helen! I'm so sorry sweet girl! Please feel better soon!" One fan commented, "wishing your sweet baby girl a good and speedy recovery." Several others assured Erin that Helen will be back to normal in no time, with one commenting, "kids are resilient...she will heal and be good as new" before another person added, "having been through this.. she'll be up and around in a minute healing quickly and you both just aged 10 yrs! Here's to all healing quickly!"