'Home Town': Erin Napier Fawns Over Husband Ben as She Hypes up His Spinoff Show

Erin Napier couldn't be prouder of her husband. As Ben Napier prepared for a sneak peek of his Home Town spinoff series, Home Town: Ben's Workshop, to air on HGTV Wednesday night, Napier took to social media to not only help get fans excited for the big premiere, but also to shower plenty of praise on her husband.

In an Instagram post sharing a special sneak peek of the new series, Napier gushed over her husband, writing that what she loves most about the series is that not only is it "cool to watch a master craftsman do the thing he does so well, to watch him teach," but her husband has the gift of making "it easy for him to connect with people and makes them feel like opening up to him." Crediting this gift to possibly Ben's "background in ministry," Napier said she knows "from experience he has a way of making you feel like you're the most important person in the room and everything you say is interesting." She said, "to him, it truly is."

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While fans couldn't yet give their judgement on Home Town: Ben's Workshop, many of them said they understood the sentiment Napier was trying to express from watching Ben on their HGTV series. One fan wrote that after watching a recent episode of Home Town, they got the sense Ben "Napier is the kind of guy I wish was my neighbor. I think everybody who watches (and probably all the more if you get the chance at an encounter with him) does." Another fan said Ben "He has the best sense of humor blended into his incredible craftsmanship."

While fans can certainly catch more of the Napiers on Home Town, with Season 5 currently airing on HGTV, they can catch up with Ben on the spinoff series, which debuted on discovery+ earlier this month. Confirmed to be in the works in December 2020, Home Town: Ben's Workshop allows fans brand new insight into his woodworking skills through his conversations with celebrity guests. The four-episode series features visits from astronaut Scott Kelly, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, comedian Loni Love, and country singer Chris Lane.


"I grew up watching master woodworker Norm Abram on TV and it's been a dream of mine to make a show like that, focusing on woodworking and craftsmanship," Ben said of the new series. "Social media followers told me they wanted this show, too, so it's been a lot of fun bringing guests into my shop to swap stories and share the trade with them, all for Home Town fans to hopefully enjoy."

New episodes of Home Town air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV, with new episodes also appearing on discovery+, Discovery Inc.'s streaming service. Home Town: Ben's Workshop debuted on discovery+ on Jan. 4. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for all the latest updates on the Napiers, Home Town, and all things HGTV!