'Home Town': Erin Napier Reveals Secret Detail in New Book

Home Town star Erin Napier had her family at the forefront when writing her first children's book, The Lantern House. While speaking to PEOPLE about the book, Napier explained that there's a little Easter Egg in The Lantern House that has a connection to her daughter, Helen. The Lantern House, which was written by Napier and illustrated by Adam Trest, was released in late May. 

Napier explained that there's an Easter egg related to her daughter in The Lantern House, but you may miss it if you don't know where to look. Her book centers on the titular house, which sits empty and dark while imagining what it will look like once it has new homeowners to take care of it. The book follows potential residents, including "a trapeze artist," which was a personal choice for Napier to include. She explained, "The trapeze artist's house is Helen's. If she could do anything, this house would look like a circus tent and she would be the star trapeze artist."

Elsewhere in the interview, Napier described what it was like to write The Lantern House, particularly after working in the home renovation field for so long. "The reality about our houses is, they go on after we've left them, and imagine if houses could talk, what would they tell us about the things that they've seen. That's fascinating to me," she told the outlet. "Something I think about a lot is that the house I'm sitting in right now will outlive me. Isn't that crazy?"


Napier has been hard at work promoting her newest project. Earlier in the week, she even told her followers that she would be appearing on Good Morning America to talk about The Lantern House. Her appearance on the program was rather significant for her, as it marked her first live TV interview without her husband Ben by her side. She also noted that her trip to New York City to film Good Morning America marked the first time that she traveled without him. Even though he wasn't by her side, Ben still shared his support in the comments section of the post. He wrote, "Wish I could be there!!" Ben went on to write that the couple's two daughters, Helen and Mae, were "comforting" and keeping him company while his wife was away on her business trip.