'Home Town': Erin Napier Reveals Special Detail About Their House

Home Town host Erin Napier loves to give her social media followers glimpses Into her home life as well. Napier's job is to make her clients' homes beautiful, but her skills start with her own family's nest. Napier posted a sweet detail from her kitchen on Instagram, showing off a doorframe that is marked with her oldest daughter Helen's growing heights. Her younger daughter, Mae, was born last year, so she's sure to join Helen on the doorframe when she's old enough.

"This door facing was inspired by my grandmother's pantry door that saved the heights of me, my brother and cousin [Jim]," Napier wrote. "It even made it into The Lantern House, my children's book with [Adam Trest]. What family stories like this do your houses keep? I'm so curious."

Napier and her husband and co-host Ben tend to keep their daughters private, but they occasionally pop up on their social media. At the end of August, Ben took to social media to pen a special message to Erin as she celebrated her 36th birthday. In her own post on the special occasion, Erin said she was "so lucky to have this family for my birthday."

To mark his wife's big day, Ben took to Instagram, where he shared a photo, snapped with the help of Helen, of three separate polaroids. One polaroid image showed him and Erin smiling for the camera, with the second being a sweet bonding moment between Erin and one of their infant daughters. The third polaroid image showed Erin with both Helen and Mae, whom they welcomed in May of this year. Ben captioned the post, "Happy birthday to my dream girl. You say that I'm the fun one, but you're the one that we all want to snuggle with."

The Napiers typically stray away from images revealing their children's faces, instead opting to protect their privacy by sharing images with their faces covered, just out of frame, or turned away from the camera. In December 2020, the proud parents sadly experienced first-hand the adverse effects of social media when Erin shared an adorable photo of little Helen. She was ultimately forced to delete the image after receiving negative and "cruel" comments about Helen. Napier said she removed the photo "to be a good steward of my baby's image and protector of my heart." The most recent photos, however, were thankfully met with a much different tune. Fans of the family eagerly gushed over the adorable family snaps and helped Ben celebrate his wife's birthday.