'Flip or Flop' Alum Christina Anstead Defines Relaxation in Poolside Bikini Photo on Memorial Day Weekend

Flip or Flop alum Christina Anstead knows just how to define the word "relaxation," as she chills out poolside in a black bikini on Memorial Day weekend. Anstead shared a photo of herself laying out with her pup, and donning some sunglasses. In the post's caption, Anstead revealed she is currently "taking a much needed digital detox."

She added that she is "going to enjoy the next 3 days being present for the kids and" her husband Ant, while also "relaxing by the pool." She then added, "Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone." Many of Antstead's followers have since replied to the post, with one writing, "If [you] guarantee me I would like that after having kids maybe I will consider it. You look absolutely terrific!" Another said, "How in the world did you have 2 csections and have a body/tummy like that without surgery! Girl you really do take care of your body and eat healthy it totally shows. Gorgeous."

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In April, Anstead spoke with Us Weekly, and talked about her ex-husband — Tarek El Moussa — revealing that the coronavirus pandemic has actually brought them closer as co-parents of their children: daughter Taylor, 9, and son Brayden, 4. "Luckily, we live two streets away so that's really easy for us, because nothing's really changed in that aspect," she said, then adding that "in times of crisis" the two of them "kind of bond more" as their children are the "number one priority" for both of them. "We're just trying to figure out what's best for them and making sure that they don't feel scared," Anstead continued. "That's not something they should be feeling right now, so we're just trying to stay positive for them."

Notably, the the Wellness Remodel author also shares an 8-month-old son, Hudson, with Ant. "Obviously, everybody's in a very different situation than we were a month ago," she later said. "We're at home and we're all busy, but we definitely have more time to do things at home than we did before," Anstead thenshared that she ahs been doing a lot of "projects" with her kids during quarantine, as well as "exercises" and "cooking together." She added "I feel like you could either look at this in a really negative way or you could just try to look at this, as far as like, 'OK, I have this time right now. How can I shift my mind and try to make things more positive?' Especially for people around us and people that we live with."